Ring Type Joint or “RTJ” gasket are made. They are based on ASME B16 2.0, 17D, and API-6A specifications. For the identification of pressure class and pipe size, “R” numbers are assigned to RTJs. Low carbon steel, soft iron, 4-6 chrome (F5), 347, 304 L, 304, 316L, 316, Inconel, Monel, Duplex, Incoloy, Super Duplex, and a lot more are included in the stock materials. There are two general types of API ting joint gaskets- an octagonal cross-section and an oval cross-section. These two shapes are utilized in pressures not more than 10,000 psi. The standardized dimensions require specially grooved flanges.

For non-standard and critical applications, special ring-type joint gaskets are required, like in places where standard joints are unsuitable. For the petrochemical industry’s needs, S.P. Gasket provides a wide range of special ring-type joint gaskets to suit their needs. Among the RX and BX ring gaskets, the BX ring gasket is tapered in every corner and square in cross-section. Only in API6BX flanges BX can be utilized. On the other hand, the RX ring gaskets have a standard octagonal ring which is designed in a way to take advantage of the tight fluid pressure and make the seal effective. Both of them are manufactured based on the specifications of API 6A.