S. P. Engineers are one of the leading PTFE envelope gasket suppliers in India. We have been manufacturing PTFE envelope gaskets for decades. As we know, PTFE envelope Gaskets are used for the hygiene of tanks, safety, reactors, containment, and pipelines, etc. So, as being a PTFE envelope gaskets manufacturers, we take care of all PTFE envelope gasket dimensions and specifications that meet customers’ requirements.

The PTFE envelope gasket is a composite gasket. This gasket consists of inlay envelope PTFE. Mainly this envelope PTFE gasket is utilized as a flange gasket for high chemical and high-pressure resistance applications.

Properties of a PTFE envelope gasket

  • Very good media resistance
  • Low permeability towards gases and liquids
  • Perfect for the product for enlarged requirements of safety, tightness, and product purity
  • Long-term stable compression
  • Physiologically harmless at constant operation temperatures up to 260 °C as per BG no. 21
  • Anti-adhesive surface
  • Good non-stick & excellent dielectric properties

Application of PTFE envelope gaskets:

  • Wide range of applications primarily in the chemical and petrochemical sector.
  • Ideal for application in the food industry.

PTFE Gasket Envelope Types:

As being the top PTFE envelope gasket manufacturers and suppliers in India, we offer various types of PTFE Gaskets.

  1. U-envelope: For ordinary and high pressures.
  2. C-envelope with diffusion stop: About 3 mm thick diffusion stop Gasket, built of special customization
  3. Double U- envelope: These PTFE Double U-Envelope gasket specifications are:
    1. Best fit for high pressures.
    2. A ‘sealed gasket’ with a linear upper side.
  4. Donut envelope: Perfect for high pressures. A ‘sealed gasket’ with a linear upper side. Where the medium touches the upper side of the seal.
  5. C-envelope: Preferred for normal and high pressures. Also suitable for a more flexible inlay, such as Rubber.
  6. Y- or V envelope: This PTFE Gasket Envelope Material is up to 2 mm thick.  Due to lower pressures, it is cost-effective.

As per your PTFE envelope gasket specification, its thickness can be adapted.

PTFE Gasket Envelope Material possibilities:

Depends on requirements, we manufacture the PTFE envelope gasket.

Mostly, high-pressure Non-asbestos gasket sheets and various rubber grades have been used in the application of PTFE Gasket Envelope Material.

If there is a huge mechanical strength (high temperature) required, then the particularly designed Graphite special Email will be used as a gasket material. Our inlay material specialists can help you to choose the perfect material for your application.

Universal or custom-made PTFE envelope gasket dimensions:

S. P. Engineers manufactures and supplies PTFE envelope gaskets according to all standard dimensions for flanges: DIN, ASA, and ANSI. If you have any special customization requirements, then also contact us. We are happy to manufacture it as per model or drawings. For more details contact us.